Testing of the New Technology for Expert Estimation Scales Usage in Paired Comparisons

Testing stages:

1. Choose a problem you are well acquainted with. Formulate 5 to 7 relatively independant factors, which, in your opinion, are most crucial for solving the chosen problem.
2. You are requested to input pair comparisons of importance coefficients (weights) of factors influencing the chosen problem solution. The opportunity of interrupting the test and completing it later is not envisioned.
3. After comparisons are completed, the preferences of factors you have input, will be shown in the form of column charts, and you will be offered to select the variant, reflecting your judgments on the relative weights of factors in the most adequate way. You are also requested to explain your particular choice.
4. File with results whose title is the same with the words you input into "Your initials" field, and whose extention is ".dat", will be created in the same catalogue with the test program file ( ScaleTst.exe ). Please, send the newly created file with the results to the following e-mail: *****@*****.*** for further data processing.

Te data you send will be useful if you choose a problem which you know really well, formulate a sufficiently thorough set of independent factors whose influences upon the chosen problem you realize thoroughly, and conduct the estimation accurately. The process of test completion takes approximately 20 to 35 minutes.

Load and start the test