Decision Support System “Solon–MC”

Decision support system “Solon–MC” is designed for decision-making support in situations where a certain part of alternatives (which are better than others according to the decision-maker and expert evaluation results) should be selected from a given set. Alternatives are estimated according to several qualitative and quantitative criteria.
Implementation of “Solon-MC” technology and DSS provides and opportunity for quantitative estimation of alternative preferences according to preferences implicitly expressed by the DM during pair comparisons of weights of criteria and respective scale labels. The technology is a universal one, since it does not depend on the nature of compared alternatives. It is also flexible, i.e. it allows the DM to use any alternative estimation criteria. Beside that, the system makes it possible to use the experience of many experts during both direct estimation of alternatives according to criteria and defining weights of criteria and respective scale labels.

“Solon-MC” DSS users are: establishments and enterprises of different property forms where the DSS can be used for selecting projects during tenders, appointing best candidates on vacant posts, equipment, software, contractor selection, etc.